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STS Panel Tank

Characteristics of the STS PANEL TANK

  1. 01
    Strength resistance
    Stainless steel plate, that is 1.5 times
    stronger than steel materials and about
    6 times stronger than FRP, is pressed in
    a consistent form and four sides are bent,
    And then it is assembled by welding of
    panel, so it has superb strength.
  2. 02
    All the joint parts inside Tank is TIG
    WELDED, so seamless construction is secured.
  3. 03
    Because of corrosion resistance stainless
    steel itself, there is no concem about
    rusting. Because UV cannot penetrate,
    there is no concem ablut bog moss and
    it is hygiene.
  4. 04
    Heat resistance, Chock resistance
    Secured against external shock or the fire.
    Designed by considering resistant to vibration and shock.
  5. 05
    Due to the process for the water pressure resistance and the material's unique luster, the building demonstrates hamony. Also because there is no material deterioration, so it can be used semi-permanently.
  6. 06
    Stainless steel is expensive, but due to reasonable design and PRESS processing, the trim of the material is minimized. Because anti-rust coating is unnecessary,
    it is economical.
  7. 07
    The standardized panel is welded and assembled according to the capacity of
    tank, so it has various capacities. And because of light weight panel assembly,
    site construction is simple.

Material and physical properties of the STS PANEL TANMaterial and physical properties of the STS PANEL TANK

Sort Size
Basic frame SS275
Body(Floor, Side panel, Top panel) STS 304 (STS 316, STS444)
Internal Angle STS 304 30 x 30 x 3.0T
Bracket STS 304 330 x 30 x 3.0T
Nozzle STS 304
Insulation POLY URETHANE 50T (25T)
Finishing Materials ALUMINUM 0.6T (0.7T)
Thernal Insulation
For insulation material, POLY URETHANE is used, Thermal insulation thickness is 50mm(25mm). For insulation cover, ALUMINUM SHEET formed in the shape of the tank body, is used.
Properties of Insulation Materials
Classfication Size
Items Unit Rigid Urethene
Conductivity ㎉/mh℃ 0.013 ~ 0.020
Density g/㎠ 0.025 ~ 0.35
Temperature for use -198 ~ 140
Absorption g/100㎠ 0.02
Compressive Strength kgf/㎠ 2.5 ~ 6
Tensile strength kgf/㎠ 2.5 ~ 8
Anti-Chemical Properties - Does not penetrate
Combustibility - Flame Retardant

Specifications of the STS PANEL TANK

The specifications of standard stainless panel is
950L x 950W, 950L x 450W, 450L x 450W, 1000L x 1000W, 1000L x 500W, 500L x 500W. Respectively combined for the production.
(It's possible to product in a way that the width is based on the standard and the height based on outside the standard)
  1. 01.Standard panel for 950mm
  2. 02.Standard panel for 1000mm
  3. 03.Panel outside the standard size.
  4. 04.Stainless steel thickness by the height
    Material thickness of stainless steel panel tank varies in thickness according to the height of the construction of tank. Top panel is basically constructed as 1.5T.

Construction of the STS PANEL TANK

Specifications of concrete foundation construction
Space of the concrete foundation is constructed in the same space with the specification of the panel, so each joint can be positioned at the center of the concrete. The height of concrete foundation is based of 500mm and it can be adjusted depending on site conditions.
Construction standards of the base frame
SS275 CHANNEL is processed with anti-rust coating for installation and the specifications varies depending on the height of tank.
(Galvanizing is available on special order)
Height of Tank ㄷ Shape Standard and Thichness
4.5m below ㄷ 100 x 50 - 5.0T
5.5m below ㄷ 125 x 65 - 6.0T
6.5m below ㄷ 150 x 75 - 6.5T
Space required for tank construction
The space for the construction of tanks and for A/S. More than 1000mm space from the construction(Ceiling and frame) must be secured, in case of the manhole of water tank.
And more than 600mm, in case of the rest spaces.
H: Height of the tank

For the building where tank installation standards is not applicable, the space can be adjusted by discussion.

Structure of the STS PANEL TANK

Detail plan of STS Panel Tank