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PDF Water Tank

Strong, durable, water-tight, aesthetic and stable in terms of design

Process of Installing PDF water tanks

  1. 01

    Installation of Base Frames and Framework

    • For steel frames, anti-corrosion coated products are used and the tanks are manufactured to be strong enough to resist loads and water pressure.
    • Bottom panels and angles are assembled in a latticework, allowing the panels to be arranged freely, either by length or width to minimize sagging of the connected points of the panels.
  2. 02

    Partitions and Top Reinforcements

    • After installing the vertical members, install
      the PE-coated top frames and weld the tops of
      the sides on the floor to help form the framework.
  3. 03

    Reinforcement of the Side Forming Panels

    • Compared to other products with the same area,
      the tanks have more welding points to successfully
      resist complex external force.
  4. 04

    Heat Insulating Materials

    • Heat insulating materials completely filled between
      steel frames and panels prevent dew condensation
      and corrosion.
  5. 05

    Installation of the Base Plate

    • Heat insulating materials are used on the floor
      as the base plate.
  6. 06

    Partitions and the Top Reinforcements

    • Both sides of the panels are reinforced with H-beams and
      the top/bottom panels are connected with the formed plate
      to allow for aesthetic and strong installation of the tanks.
  7. 07

    Sheet Pasting

    • The areas around the corners which were difficult to be
      coated with sheets after installation of the panels to cause
      defective installation are moulded to a single structure to
      prevent such problems.
    • Sheet pasting

    • Column lining

    • Securing height for maintenance work

    • Pasting side sheets

Major Features of PDF Panel Tanks